Grey for Chamber Ensemble



My Kitchen Sink for Piano, Double Bass and Drum Set (Written for Bearthoven) 


walking on a thin line for Electric Guitar, Violin, Piano(Two Players), High voice and Low voice

First Study for Saxophone and Drones for Saxophone and Electronics


The Constant Search for Something Else for Flute, Clarinet and Piano   (Written for Ensemble Interface and the 2017 VIPA Festival)                                                                                                 

Essay for Saxophone #2: Distances for Soprano Saxophone

If Nothing Else for String Quartet (Written for the JACK Quartet)

Calm and Collected for Alto Saxophone and Marimba

Don't Think, Don't Linger, Don't Wait for Violin and Digital Delay


Essay for Saxophone #1: Open. Pulse. Flutter. for Tenor Saxophone                                                                                                                      (Written for Wilson Poffenberger)