Summer 2017: Valencia

Valencia 2017

Hey all,

This summer on June 28th – July 8th of 2017, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the 2017 VIPA Festival in Valencia, España. Valencia is a beautiful, historic city located three hours south of Barcelona along the coast.

At VIPA I met many wildly talented and friendly musicians. The festival hosted Mivos Quartet, SMASH Ensemble, Ensemble Interface, Erik Drescher and the Brower Trio as the resident performers/performing ensembles.

I was commissioned to write for Ensemble Interface. My piece The Constant Search for Something Else was written in the Spring prior to the festival. The work is filled with yearning and longing throughout. This longing gives the piece a subtle propulsion or motion. In the conclusion of the piece, it finally rests on something of substance. The members of Ensemble Interface were wonderful to work with and the performance was wonderful. (I attached the link for the video at the bottom)

Thank you to the wonderful and kind VIPA staff for organizing this festival. Hope to visit Valencia again something soon.

Thank you to Jason Buchanan for his incredible work on the video and recording.




Hey all,

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